07 April 2010

Physics finally catches up with
Junior-High dreamer/geeks
in imagining our universe pumped out of another universe's black hole, in a Multiverse nested like Russian Dolls

03 April 2010

"Stochastic Resonance"
Increasingly, we find noise turns out to be signal after all:
"For weak signals, such as distant or dark images, actually adding noise can improve their quality.”

Think of this next time you drive through fog.

is a "brute force" workaround for modifying the interface of proprietary softwares. I can see this really going places: With sufficient development, why shouldn't it be a 'desktop and window model' killer? Why should I have to deal with someone-else's idea an interface, or any unchanging interface at all?

Proprietary software as the unseen building blocks of a customizable computing environment.

26 July 2009

the KING is traveling incognito